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Trail 257 drops off of FS road 439, and ends at FS road 438(Beauty creek road). Halfway down the trail intersects with trail 258.(The connector). Although this trail is usually ridden downhill, there will also be users who will both hike, and ride up this trail. Sections of the trail may vary from intermittently rough to soft, or unstable. Protrusions into the trail corridor may be common, but not continuous. Vegetation may encroach the trail corridor and obstacles may occur in the trail surface. Please use caution while descending.

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Caribou ridge trail drops off of FS road 439. Halfway down it connects with trail 258.

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Trail 257 South drops off of FS Road 439, and ends at the junction of trail 257/227.


Lower Caribou Ridge

Lower caribou ridge trail starts at the junction of caribou ridge trail, and trail 258(the connector). While the first 3/4 of this trail may not seem like a double black diamond trail, the lower 1/4 is a VERY technical group of switchbacks, that include drops, rocks, off camber trail, roots and A LOT of exposure. This section may also have soft to unstable tread. Protrusion and encroachment into the trail corridor by plants, trees and/or rocks is common. Please use caution when riding this trail.

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Upper Caribou Ridge

Upper caribou ridge trail connects the summit of Mt CDA with FS RD 439.



  • Mt. Coeur d’Alene is a network of non-motorized single track.

  • Canfield Mountain is a multi-use system that is accessible to mountain bikes, motorcycles, ATV, and hikers. There is a wide variety of levels from logging roads to double black trails. The trails won't be marked with skill level, but there are signs that will tell you which trails are what.

  • Bernard Peak is a single track trail system near Athol, Idaho.